#5 Daily NFTs Minute – morning heads up on two hot projects from the NFTs space – today talking about famous artists projects KillerGF and Homies in Dreamland

Daily NFTs Minute Podcast


Today I talk about two projects minting within 36 hours window and they both come from fairly known and respected artists in their fields.

The first one is KillerGF:

It is the anime-inspired called Killer Girlfriends squad from former Riot Games Artist, Zeronis. It will be 7.777 generative portraits made out of 240 traits. It looks pretty cool and anime-related projects have been very successful recently, so if you like this style, you might want to check it out. Minting starts in about 16 hours.

The second project I wanna talk about is canna fans Homies in Dreamland:

It has just amazingly funny art (at least to me). It’s called Homies in Dreamland. It’s a collection of 10,420 NFTs designed by artist Jermaine Rogers, inspired by the legendary duo Cheech and Chong. I mean if you’ve known Cheech and Chong before, I’m sure you know what you are in for. It was new for me but I love it! Homies in Dreamland are minting in about 31 hours.

That’s it for today. Your two projects with doxxed teams safe from rug pulls are in. 

Cheers till tomorrow!

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