#4 Daily NFTs Minute – morning heads up on two hot projects from the NFTs space – today IRL brands Australian Open and Playboy

Daily NFTs Minute Podcast


Today I’m going to shine a light on two real-life (IRL) brands entry projects into NFT space. These brands are Australian Open and Playboy. Both have entered recently, have floor prices oscillating around 0.11-0.15 EHT and they present interesting long-term play for anyone who’s the fan. These NFTs and their benefits will certainly evolve as both brands will progress in their understanding of possibilities of NFT space and connection between Metaverse(s) and real-life experiences.

The first one I’m gonna talk about is Playboy Rabittars. 



Each Rabbitar acts as the key that unlocks membership to all the possibilities of Playboy on the blockchain: exclusive access to Playboy art and artist collaborations, IRL and metaverse experiences, and physical and virtual fashion. They also say: “And yes, you can tell your friends you officially belong to a Playboy Club!”, which might sound cool for some.

For the second one I’m even more excited. It’s AO Art Ball by Australien Open.

You all know Australian Open. It was making headlines recently.



There are 6,776 generative AO Art Ball NFTs, each linked to an individual plot on the official Australian Open court which is simply very cool, because you’re collecting real-life moments as players hit “your” spot on the court. So they are trying to use real match data for every match of the Australian Open and match and assign winning points to relevant AO Art Ball NFTs by updating traits and metadata. Very cool and I’m sure there will be more cool stuff coming.


One last thing for today is a reminder that https://www.456collectorsclub.com which I mentioned in my first episode has Early Minting open for those who registered.

Cheers till tomorrow!


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