#3 Daily NFTs Minute – morning heads up on two hot projects from the NFTs space – today Rebels by House of Kalinkin and The Radiant Society

Daily NFTs Minute Podcast


Today I’m putting the spotlight on two European projects which caught my eye. Both because of the art. One is hot and the second one is a disappointing story of abandon, but you may still like the art.

The first project I wanna mention is the Rebels by House of Kalinkin. Amazing art, great fashion and big IRL (in real life) and metaverse fashion brand plans. Fully transparent team and the head designer Robert coming from Lituania. I think we need more European projects like this. I’m mentioning them mainly because they recently sold out and as it sometimes happens floor is relatively low at 0.064 ETH so it is a good time to jump in before more announcements come in. Also unlike many other projects, with Rebels, it does not matter how many you own, only one gives you access to all future benefits for holders. So check them out…


The second project I wanna mention is the one I’d call a disappointment. It’s a project which has very cool abstract art (love their art!) but the team abandoned the project along the way so it never fully minted, it never sold out and it never will because the contract is stopped. It’s hard to figure this out unless you join their discord so I’m mentioning it as a warning.

The good news is that if you like their art and you don’t want any extra utility out of the project, than current floor at 0.014 ETH might be a great opportunity to get interestingly NFT and from which you can make a cool printouts.


And that’s all for today. Feel free to tell your friends and subscribe to get daily mini-dose of what’s happening in NFT space.

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