#2 Daily NFTs Minute – morning heads up on two cool projects from the NFTs space – today Society of Hourglass and Rug Radio

Daily NFTs Minute


Today I’m talking about two projects for storytellers and people interesting in storytelling and content production.

Society of Hourglass – is still minting its chapter 1 characters and it might be a good time to get in because you can buy on secondary already minted ones if you have a preference or you can take your chance and mint from the remining few – and a hot secret is that there are several unique characters which were not minted yet so your chances grow every mint.

Rug Radio – which just finished it’s mint and sold out but the floor is slowly dropping so it might be a good time to get in if you’re interested in becoming part of content production revolution. Not only all the NFTs look like rugs but Rug radio is a project of @farokh and that guys turns everything he touches into gold. So I expect big things from Rug Radio team and community.

As always both are doxxed teams which means you are safe from rug pulls but you are not guaranteed to profit.

Cheers till tomorrow!

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