#1 Daily NFTs Minute – morning heads up on two cool projects from the NFTs space – today 456 Collectors Club and Mystic Sisterhood


In this first episode today I bring your attention to two cool projects: the first one is from an artist Zevi – his 456 Collectors Club https://www.456collectorsclub.com/456club which is focused on art lovers who’d like to receive a physical sculpture and prints. It’s a bit more expensive mint 0.321 ETH but if you like Zevi’s art, definitely worth considering.

The second project I shine a light on is Mystic Sisterhood which started minting on January 17th https://www.mysticsisterhood.io and is one of more affordably priced female-led projects with 0.05 ETH on mint. Female-led projects are rising these days and are receiving a lot of hype.

That’s it for today. Remember that this spotlight is for information only and before buying you need to do your own research. Have a great day

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